Sound Trove is an experiment in “sustainable music,” to borrow the title of Jeff Todd Titon’s thought-provoking blog, in which I (and other invited guests) take the practice of listening to recordings as the point of departure. Recordings function here to reveal, restore, and enrich the nexus of relationships between listeners and music. Put another way: let weird things be written and limitless fires of the mind be sparked.

What are these recordings? The recordings housed in the Bennack Music Center’s Listening Library at the University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas. These include significant donations by Robert and Connie Cruise, Ellsworth Peterson, Debbie Bussineau-King and Sydney King, John Gokelman, and the family of Selma Epstein. The collection includes recordings in a variety of genres but is particularly strong in the areas of twentieth-century concert music and jazz.